About Bill Fields

Master real estate coach, trainer, motivator and cancer survivor, Bill Fields is one of those rare individuals who actually does what he talks about and he has the resume to prove it.  As a practitioner, not just an “expert”, peers and audiences recognize Bill’s subject matter and knowledge as the most current, intense and practical of anyone in the industry today.

Clients are drawn to Bill because of his unique ability to develop and deliver practical solutions that specifically address the complex needs of an organization or individual in today’s competitive business environment. His strength is in providing simple strategies that enable people to establish and pursue goals and objectives with confidence and clarity.

Bill is one of those rare breed of speakers today who actually does what he talks about and he has the track record to prove it! Bill’s  over 35 years of “in the trenches” real estate experience stretches from Tucson to Hawaii and from Chicago to Florida and includes recognition as a top sales person, manager, recruiter and owner.