TODAY is the Day!

Today is the day to turn your 2015 New Year’s Resolutions into clearly identified goals and objectives and start implementing a plan of action to achieve them.

In our real estate coaching and training programs  we teach our team that setting goals is one thing that is relatively easy to do. The harder part comes when it is time to take action and reach your goals. Many people lack the willpower to do this and give up way too early. Are you that type of person or would you say you have sticking power?

Sticking power boils down to motivation, determination and drive. Climber on highest AlpsWhile numerous people assume that you need to have a certain strength to demonstrate these qualities that is not true.  While not everyone has these qualities born in them, they can be developed if you put your mind to it.

Having the willingness to learn how to develop these skills is going to have a huge impact on how successful you will be with your goals. So before determining what your goal is this year think about how determined you are to reach it. Is your goal powerful enough for you to overcome obstacles?

If you answered yes to that question you are a huge step ahead of many other people. To learn how to become more determined and focused you want to start thinking in a more positive way. Using motivational quotes can be a big help in this department.

You have to start believing in yourself in order to reach your potential. By using positive reinforcements you will start to believe what you are telling yourself each day. Honestly, if you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect others to believe in you?

Using visualizations is another great way of developing your mindset and your self confidence. For example if you want to earn $150,000 this year then start visualizing how you will spend that money. Once you can ‘see’ what you are going to do and how you are going to feel once you’ve earned $150,000 your motivation will remain high.

The minute you let self doubt creep into your mind you are travelling the road to destruction. When you think that something is not possible a shield goes over your eyes and you cannot see the right path anymore.

In order to win at goal setting you need to begin with an open mind. Set yourself mini goals that you need to reach in between. This way you are building stepping stones to your success. With each stepping stones your main goal becomes closer and your energy and determination is renewed.

Using stepping stones is another way to figure out how to reach your goal. Let’s use our earning $150,000 goal as an example. This is a huge amount of money to make and if you always focus on that larger number you will face many obstacles along the way. These are the kind that could be detrimental to your success.

Your best plan of action is to break down your $150,000 goal into smaller stepping stones. Say 12 stepping stones (months) with each one representing $12,500. Break this down again even further by figuring out actionable steps to earn $12,500 per month.

$12,500 divided by your average commission earned per transaction = your number of transactions needed to close each month = your actionable steps necessary to close needed number of transactions each month.

These actionable steps could include implementing a new business generating source, meeting a certain number of people a day or it could just be to stay in touch more often with your sphere of influence.

Whenever you perform one of these steps understand that you are doing something towards your end goal. In time all of these small actions will build upon each other and they will help you reach your goal.

Remember that some goals are huge and may take longer than one year to accomplish. There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself more time as long as you are working diligently towards it.

Get more tips for fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions in the FREE online resource guide.

All Star Coaching thought for today: The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting meaningful goals.



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