Real Estate Agents Can Double Their Buyer Sales

Do you want to double your number of buyer controlled sales in 2015? Do you want to reduce the time you spend with suspects and increase the time you spend with real prospects?

Recent statistics show an alarming trend of real estate agents who http:billfields.comare converting less than 20% of their appointments with “buyers” into closed transactions. That’s only one out of every five opportunities! What’s the problem?

We composed a list of 10 suggestions and action steps we share in our real estate coaching and training programs that are calculated to help you capture more qualified, ready, willing and able buyers and achieve a higher conversion ratio of buyers into happy home-owners in 2015.

  1. Create a VIP Buyer Guarantee Program that offers specific benefits to a buyer including VIP vendor list, “white glove” move in service, VIP buyer hotline, etc.
  2. Develop and post “This week’s top 10 hottest buys” list to capture the newest buyers looking for the best opportunities in your market area. Build a database from these inquires.
  3. Have more open house events but do them right. Open houses are to capture leads not to sell the property. Create an event and drive traffic. (40% will actually be potential sellers!)
  4. Begin all buyer appointments in the office with a new buyer complimentary consultation to determine how you can help them and to agree on a plan to accomplish that objective.
  5. Be a good detective. You’ll make more sales if you talk less and listen more. You should listen at least twice as much as you talk. Learn to listen with your eyes and your ears.
  6. Have all buyers preapproved not just pre-qualified. Too much time is spent with suspects who are not capable of purchasing or not capable of purchasing properties they are previewing.
  7. ALWAYS review with the buyer any paperwork that would be necessary to purchase their new home BEFORE you begin to preview property with them.
  8. Get a Buyer Broker Agreement completed with all buyers. You would not go to work for the seller without a written agreement; don’t the buyers deserve the same discipline?
  9. Learn to demonstrate the property focused on specific benefits of the features in the property not just the feature themselves.
  10. Learn how to effectively handle objections. Objections are not bad, objections are good. Objections give you the direction you need to help your buyers move forward.

So, if your conversion ratios were not as good as you’d like them to be, stop wasting time with suspects in 2015 and follow these techniques from some of the most successful real estate professionals in the business.

Real estate coaching and training program thought for today: The unfortunate thing about life is that the good habits are much easier to give up than the bad ones!



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