Real Estate Agents 15 Fundamentals for Success

Do you love your job?

Today is our day for focusing on real estate coaching and training and I want to ask you an important question: Do you see real estate as something you have to do or something you get to do?

The answer to this question will play an important part in determining the level of success you achieve in this business. If you love your job and see each day as an opportunity to do something you want to do, your level of success will be extremely high. Don’t like your job, guess how successful you’re going to be?

Oh by the way, there are 15 Fundamentals that you must master if you want to build, grow and operate a successful real estate sales practice.

You can’t love real estate and not master the fundamentals of our business. Your job is not just looking at houses with people and waiting for them to say “I love it, write it up”! Your job is to run a “for profit” real estate business that provides an above average income for you and family and the time to enjoy it by finding ALL of the people in your community who have a need to buy or sell real estate and servicing those needs better than anyone else.

And that’s a pretty good job to have!

Think of all the other jobs out there worse than yours. You probably already had one of those jobs and that’s how you ended up in real estate. You don’t need to love all aspects of your job, but you do have to accept there are parts of your job that have to be done rather you like them or not. (And if you learn to do them effectively you will learn to love that part too!)

17% of the agents now control 83% of the business. Here’s a quick video to remind you of 15 Fundamentals to Building a Successful Real Estate Business .

So I repeat my question to you. Do you love your job?

Real estate coaching and training thought for today: If someone says “they can’t” what they are really saying is “I won’t”!

Have a productive day.



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