6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

When there are only 24 hours in a day, believing you can achieve an unlimited number of things within that limited time span is an illusion. In our real estate coaching and training programs we teach our team that time and energy are limited so what’s most important is not “doing everything” but “doing what’s most important”. Prioritize your commitments within your limits and do not do that in according to what other people want.

Rejection can be very tricky as it’s important to not hurt the relationship while saying “no”. This is why many people choose to say “yes”, even though it stretches their limits. Conditional “yes” replies are the best ways to go when you’re hesitant to say no. “Yes, I can do this, but only in part” or “Yes, I can do this, but I will not be able to complete this immediately” are simple examples on how to avoid saying no, without hurting.

Do you truly have to say no? There are times when you would truly like to say yes but you’re swamped with work! You can say yes but you can also add that “I would like to help you but….” and if it’s something you do not want to pass up on, suggest a compromise so neither of you will leave empty-handed.

It’s important to stick to your priorities and the process is very simple. Make a list that starts with the top priority, assess the time required and schedule it in your planner. You can start your day going down the list, ticking each task you have completed. Sometimes lists cater to a 48 hour timeframe instead of a 24 hour one. You should try your best to make as realistic as possible.

Real estate coaching and training thought for today: It’s not how much time you have…it’s how you use your time that counts!



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