Are You Distracted from Your Goals and Objectives?

The countdown is on…Less than 1 week until we hit February!! That means you should be 12th of the way towards your 2015 goals and objectives. Are you?

Or are you allowing distractions to keep you from getting on track and following your plan? Getting distracted from your plan is probably one of the biggest reasons why goals are never achieved. Life is full of distractions and yes, it can be so easy to get off track, you need to learn to stay focused.

One of the top distractions which can be blamed for keeping you from reaching your goals is “perfection paralysis”, always wanting to be perfect at everything you do. Being perfect is not necessary and you must be willing to accept that things will get in your way. But just because you get off track a bit it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your goal.

It is part of human nature to give into a craving, or to miss a potential opportunity that we didn’t think was an opportunity. What you do not want is to let this become a habit. When you are distracted just figure out a way of getting back on track quickly.

In our real estate coaching and training programs we teach our team that stumbling through a difficult task for your business is better than giving up because you can’t execute it perfectly all the way through. You persevered and got the job done. Your boss will notice this and that can help especially if your goal is to move up within the company.

Being open minded is another way of how you can beat distractions. While you may have spent a lot of time on writing out and planning the path to your goal, be open and accepting of new ideas. If someone were to offer you help or guidance don’t be closed minded and not listen to their advice. Remember that your way doesn’t always have to be the one and only way! Be open to suggestions and be willing to try them out.

Along the same lines you should never be afraid or unwilling to reach out to others for assistance. If your progress is not progressing according to plan then ask  your coach, a friend or co-worker for advice. Many people are only too willing to help and are just waiting to be asked!

What all of this really boils down to is a mental fight in your head. You probably understand where I am coming from with this and have experienced the feeling at some point or other.

If you do experience a setback your first action is to not let your mind take over with negative thoughts. If you allow yourself to give up you will never reach your goal. Plus your belief in yourself will be at a low level and this is definitely not where you want to be in life.

Whatever obstacle is standing in your way you want to ensure that you find a way to deal with it.  Your obstacle may just be negative comments from a client, your family, co-workers or friends. Do not let this type of comment get in your way.

Jimmy Fallon was once told to give up as he had no talent, good thing he didn’t listen! In fact many famous people were told to give up on things and they refused to.

To handle a negative situation well you want to become equipped with positive thoughts. This is where using motivational quotes can come in handy. They can help reinforce your belief in yourself.

If your obstacle is something different such as a time restraint then look for ways to remove this new barrier. Maybe you need to rework your schedule.

There are ways to overcome any obstacle or negative situation. Just be open-minded and look for ways to work around them. As much as we would all like to work towards our goals at a steady, uninterrupted pace, this is not always possible.

Real Estate Coaching and Training Program thought for today: Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off of your goals and objectives.



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